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Myles Court Barbershop

A traditional Barbershop in the heart of Vermont.

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Eric's Clean-Up at Myles Court Barbershop

I ran into a good friend, Eric, and I mentioned his beard was getting a bit scraggly. He said he was going to cut if all off, his girlfriend had had enough of the "Grizzly Adams" look. In a quick second I knew we had our perfect participant for the Myles Court Barbershop Clean-Up.  A week later Eric came down to the shop in Montpelier with his girlfriend Hannah. She was over-the-top excited to have Eric groomed.  She was so supportive that she brought down a few outfits just incase we needed to give him a couple of "looks". They were so new they still had the tags on them.  Hannah was not going to miss out on an opportunity to get Eric cleaned up and dressed appropriately.  She was so excited she had already planned dinner after the shoot to show him off to her family.  I love it when partners are supportive of Clean-Ups.


So we begins Eric's cleaning up to meet the family.  

I can't thank Eric and Hannah enough for their support in helping making a great photo shoot.